Copywriting for

Course Launches

When it's time to get students . . .

I write captivating launch copy that uses voice of customer data and tried-and-tested copywriting techniques you can feel good about.

Whether you launch with a webinar, challenge, or evergreen funnel, my copy will have your audience ready to click “buy” when your cart opens.

You have a lot on your hands—perfecting your course while growing and nurturing your email list.

macbook pro on brown wooden table
macbook pro on brown wooden table
  • Lead magnets

  • Welcome series emails

  • Webinar invite emails

  • Webinar show-up emails

  • Cart opening and closing emails

  • Course slides and PDFs

  • Sales pages

I can take the launch copy off your hands so you can keep all your other plates spinning.

Your to-list is probably feeling endless and looks something like: